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About Us

Who we are

Who we are

We are a family run, locally owned, Managed IT Service Provider serving Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas (Pueblo, Woodland Park and Denver).
Our Mission

Our Mission

We exist to help small to medium size businesses THRIVE through effective planning and the use of cutting edge technology.
Why we exist

Why we exist

Our nation has transitioned from the industry age to the information age (also known as the digital age). You will struggle in the marketplace if your business is not empowered by technology.

Technology issues cost businesses money, productivity and dampen employee morale. Stepping Forward Technology began serving the Colorado Springs and Front Range region in 2006 to equip companies to move past these issues and THRIVE.

Why a Proactive Approach?

Our technology is “fine.” Wouldn’t it be cheaper to address problems as they happen?
1. Technology risks threaten vital business assets and processes:


Ask yourself…
  • If you lost data at 4:40 PM, would you lose a day’s worth of work?
  • Can a disgruntled employee destroy your business?
  • What business impact would occur if your server and local backups were physically stolen?
  • If your network was hacked, what problems would surface?
  • Do you know what equipment has reached its end-of-life? Do you know what it will cost to replace?
  • Are you using unsecured cloud storage?
2. Technology problems inhibit productive momentum:


We believe the real cost of technology issues is lack of productivity and lost opportunities.  Payroll accounts for an average of 69.3% of all expenses for Colorado Springs’ businesses.  This a huge part of your expenses to have any wasted time.

The Results of having a World Class Technology Partner:

Work with a Virtual CIO who understands your industry, market position, competitive advantage, goals, obstacles, vision, and core values.

Help you build a technology roadmap for your company’s future.

Provide responsive onsite or remote support

Identify and implement the right solutions for your business.

Centrally manage your IT infrastructure to create a uniform digital experience for your team.