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The Problem

The top five mistakes businesses make in their perspective of technology.


#1 Businesses don’t know how to determine their IT budget.

In most cases, businesses don’t know how much to spend on technology equipment, software, and support.  What if they spend too much?


#2 Businesses are afraid to invest in technology.

It’s difficult to invest in something you don’t fully understand. Businesses need someone to identify key areas that will have the greatest positive impact.


#3 Nobody designed their technology infrastructure for their business.

Equipment is individually purchased without a long term plan for where the company is going.  With all the options out there, how can a business know if they are purchasing the best technology for the job?


#4 Businesses don’t know the effect technology risks can have.

It’s impossible to stay current on the latest security threats while running a business. Businesses need a game plan that includes how they will function in the event of a system-down emergency or a data breach. Most importantly, they need to know what risk they have and how to prevent it.


#5 Most technology advice businesses receive is from a salesman.

Businesses need someone who is invested in the success of their business; someone they can trust. Wouldn’t it be great if that person could also translate computer jargon into English?


Companies need more than a technician to fix their IT problems.  They need a solution to the real problem.

The Solution

We created our own unique Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) role to solve this need for our clients. Our vCIO has both technical and business backgrounds and meets in person with our clients on a routine basis.

Evaluating Business Risks

Every business carries unique sets of risks and challenges. Some are technological; others come with growth. Some are tangible and expected; others seem abstract and surprising. We want to reduce the number of unexpected technological challenges you face. Our approach helps to identify potentially problematic areas for your business and build a plan to address them. We also help you plan for growth so your technology is ready to assist business success, not impede it.

Would you benefit from having a Virtual CIO?

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