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What are Centralized Services?

Centralized Services are IT systems that are consolidated together and managed in one place.  Over the years, we have invested time and resources into building the best systems to meet our clients’ needs.  The result?  Client satisfaction and delight!  Now it’s your turn.  Our team is prepared to discuss your IT goals and implement the appropriate systems to obtain your desired results. Contact us today.

The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency. - Bill Gates

Why are Centralized Services so important?

1. To provide a consistent user experience throughout your company.

If a single computer has an issue that other computers don’t, it’s logical to assume something is different about that computer.  Simply put, Centralized Services help prevent inconsistencies like this from occurring between your computers.

2. Your network is only as secure as your M.V.C. (Most Vulnerable Computer).

Most security threats don’t come from hackers breaking through your firewall.  They typically arise internally – a user clicking on a link or email in which allows a security threat into your network.  Since people aren’t perfect in their use of the web, it’s vital to have a systematic process to secure each computer (including third party applications), to limit this security risk.

3. To help you work smarter, not harder!

In our early years, our technicians manually installed updates on each system on a weekly or monthly basis. Not so today! Due to increased security risks, this proactive approach just isn’t sufficient. We utilize systems to monitor and update computers on a daily basis.  All managed computers receive their commands from a single point, making management simple, yet powerful.

4. To drive performance.

Have you noticed your computer’s functionality slows over time?  Systems get clogged with software, add-ons, cached content, and processes that steal from your computer’s performance resources.  With the help of our Centralized Services, maintenance is performed weekly on each system to ensure peak performance.  Consider it a detox for your computer!

5. To give insight into the future of your technology.

Most technology issues are preventable.  In fact, our Centralized Services systems identify many potential problems before they occur.  Systems alerts and notifications give us eyes to see into the future of your technology, equipping us to promptly resolve impending issues before they develop to maturity.  The result?  You can enjoy a smooth running business with less downtime.  Genius!

With Centralized Services, your IT setup is handled in one place, streamlining operations so you can work smarter and efficiently.  Our approach to managing technology is to make it transparent, disappearing into the background of your company’s day to day functions.

Below are a few systems we use:

Our 24/7 monitoring system watches your IT infrastructure for problems and either automatically resolves the issue or alerts our team to implement the solution.

Microsoft releases their security updates every Tuesday.  After we review them, we push out all critical updates each Tuesday night.  Additionally, third party applications receive their updates daily.

Virus and Malware is a growing threat to the stability and security of your business.  This is why we monitor and protect your systems from potentially dangerous activity and applications, not just known viruses.

A proper disaster recovery plan involves much more than just having good backups.  It entails having a plan in place in the event of downtime.

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