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Why do some businesses struggle with technology while others don’t?

technology alignmentWe believe the answer is because their technology falls outside of technology alignment.  Technology alignment is the process of ensuring your technology meets your standards and best practices.  We have spent years developing and documenting standards and best practices for all types of industries.  Why?  We know that if the right solutions are deployed with our standards and best practices, technology will empower their business instead of inhibit it.

How does technology fall outside of alignment?

The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that in an isolated physical system, over time, there is a general increase of entropy (gradual decline into disorder and unpredictability) for the total system.

Technology is no exception to the rule. Over time, computers become at risk to new security vulnerabilities, equipment gets old, and system performance plummets.  These negative changes will eventually change your IT culture to a state where technology is not trusted and even hated.  It takes being intentional to keep IT from getting stale.

What can be done to keep your technology following your industry’s standards and alignment?

Where to start:  You will need to build your standards and alignment for your company.  Below are a few questions to consider:


Data Retention – How long to you need to keep old data?  Do your backups allow you to restore to different hardware in the event your server crashes? Are your backups stored offsite?  Are they encrypted?

Security – Do you have a software firewall enabled on each computer? Does your email filter for SPAM and Phishing? Do your employees’ account allow login access to your servers?

Hardware – How long will you keep your computers, and servers before they will be replaced? Do you have proper surge protection and battery backups wattage for your servers and network equipment?  How often will your equipment be physically cleaned inside and out?


These are just a few questions to get you started.  We would love help you build your standards and technology alignment for your business.  We would love to talk with you about how your technology issues can be prevented.

What would a true proactive approach look like for your company?

Your business is unique. And so must your proactive approach if you want to see results. We build our technology standards and alignment using the following I.D.E.A:

  1. Identify your areas of risk mitigation and enhancements needed within your business
  2. Document your technology standards and alignment
  3. Evaluate the appropriate resolution
  4. Allocate time to keep your technology aligned with your standards

With our team working on your side, your IT future is in great hands. Contact us today to see how our approach is different and will help you work smarter.

Need help building your technology standards?

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