Is Technology Leading or Impeding Your Growth?

If you’re like a lot of growing businesses you may have a bit of a “love/hate” relationship with technology. You know your business can’t survive without it. You may even be aware of the incredible opportunities that technology presents to work efficiently, serve your clients better, and be more profitable. At the same time, managing your technology can be a headache.

One of the biggest headaches is trying to figure what technologies you need. What kind of hardware should you purchase—and how much is enough? What software do you really need in order to do the things you really need to do? What about maintaining your technology so that it functions flawlessly (instead of tying your hands)? And of course, there’s the question of what all of this is going to cost you.


The result is that a lot of growing businesses take a reactive approach to technology. They see it as an expense—a necessary evil—rather than an investment in their business that can give them a competitive edge. Maybe you feel that way yourself. After all, why spend money on something you’re not convinced will help you to move forward?


Here’s the danger with that approach: Your competitors are investing in technologies that can help them be more efficient, effective, and deliver a better customer experience. Ignoring your technology needs hands an advantage to your competitors. That’s not something you can afford to do.


Let’s be clear. The issue isn’t how much you spend. It’s not about which devices you purchase. What’s important is that you invest in the right technology for your business—and that it’s scalable so that it can be adapted to meet your changing needs.


too little VS too much technology


Buying the wrong technology won’t lead your growth. It will actually impede your growth (and consume financial resources that you could be funneling into expanding your business). The same thing happens when you under-invest in technology. If your equipment and software can’t keep up with your needs you won’t grow.


Where do you find yourself and your company on the scale above? Are you avoiding technology spending because you aren’t sure what you really need? Have you put off investing in technology because you don’t want to spend the money? Or are you over-invested in more technology than you really need (or the wrong kind of technology)? Or are you spending more on support than you really should?


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