What Is True Network Administration?

We all know the story about closing the barn door after the horse has run away. It’s a perfect example of doing something that was necessary—but doing it too late to be of any help. It’s a pretty good example of the way too many businesses approach network administration. Companies take a reactive approach to network problems. They end up trying to fix things after they are broken. Unfortunately, those efforts are often too little too late—and the damage has already been done.


True network administration is proactive. Instead of waiting for problems to surface, it keeps problems from happening in the first place. Unfortunately, that doesn’t just happen. Too many small-to-medium companies think they can’t afford to do that. They operate under the assumption that it’s cheaper to address problems as they arise instead of preventing them from occurring in the first place.


That can be a dangerous—and costly—approach. Think for a moment what the implications would be if your company’s operating systems went down completely. How much would it cost you for every hour you were out of business? How would your customers/clients react?


Companies need to take an intentional approach to network administration. That means having an overarching network administration strategy. It also requires having a specific plan and a written process for evaluating and improving the network. And finally, it means having regularly scheduled reviews.


Most small-to-mid-sized companies simply don’t have the personnel on staff with the training, skill, expertise, and time to devote to this kind of structured approach. Without it, however, a company can be vulnerable to breakdowns, attacks, and poor performance—all of which could have been avoided with regular (but thorough) administration of the network.


So what can you do if you want to ensure that your network is in top working condition if you can’t afford to hire a full-time IT person to monitor things for you? At Stepping Forward Technologies we offer a Virtual CIO with an understanding of your industry, your market position, your competitive advantage, as well as your goals, obstacles, vision, and core values. We’ll help you build a technology roadmap for your company’s future, provide responsive onsite or remote support, identify and implement the right solutions for your business, and centrally manage your IT infrastructure to create a uniform digital experience for your team.

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