Stepping Forward Technology owner Jenn Harvey IT support Colorado Springs

Jennifer Harvey

Two recurring themes are woven throughout my experiences: stewardship and creativity; both are values that I strongly care about.

Stewardship: the concept that embodies thoughtful management of resources; whether finances, health or the environment plays out in my everyday life.

I am honored to work with two companies, WaterStone and PhilanthroCorp that carefully leverage the tax benefits of giving to benefit the giver, his/her family and non-profit organizations around the world. I also assist in the operations of an IT company using my detailed skill-set to manage the finances and HR.

Creativity: the aggregate and expression of qualities, such as shape, color, movement or texture that give a deep satisfaction to the soul.

I also thrive off of creativity and a deep appreciation of beauty. My various jobs have ranged from graphic and interior design to marketing and event planning. I’m close to being equally left and right-brained which explains my degrees in Business Administration and Interior Design.

When I’m not working, my curiosity is fed by traveling and spending time in the beautiful outdoors!

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