For Matthew, it all started at the age of 9 when his grandfather gave him a broken computer. He spent all his savings to get it fixed and purposed to learn more about technology to prevent costly repairs. The quest to learn continued through his carrier as he took positions that trained and certified him in hardware and software technologies.

At the age of 16, Matthew and a business partner started his first company focused on computer programming. Later in 2006, Matthew started Stepping Forward Technology which he’s grown for the past 15+ years.

Matthew started Stepping Forward Technology because he was passionate about technology. What he didn’t know was that as he faced the challenges of growing his business, he found a new passion that he enjoys as much as technology …being an entrepreneur and a servant leader to his team and clients. Matthew now spends much of his free time listening to audiobooks like The E-Myth, Good to Great, EntreLeadership, Traction, The Ideal Team Player, and many others.

Over thirty years after building his first computer, Matthew is still learning about computer technologies and chooses to spend his time cross-training his employees and meeting with business leaders to help them build and execute their IT strategy.